What is life coaching?

We all have our hopes, dreams and plans, the things we want to achieve during our lives.

For some people the dream may be to have a good life/work balance, to be a great parent/partner/friend, to run their own business, achieve a personal best, be creative, fly a plane or maybe emigrate.

Whatever the dream, it gives something to focus on, look forwards to and and work towards. 

However, as I’m sure you know, for a multitude of different reasons, it’s very easy to lose sight of where we’re headed.  Perhaps life becomes too busy, the challenge too great or we reach a point where it’s not clear how to move forwards. This is where life coaching can be really helpful.

Life coaching provides the time and space to stop, have a think and refocus on your goal.  To work out how you’d like to move forwards and what you need to do to get there.  It’s an exciting journey and often by having someone ask the right questions to get you thinking in a different way, you can really start to see your dreams come into view.

To successfully achieve our goals it’s important that we make choices and decisions that are ours.   Being guided by our own preferences and values, character, upbringing and experiences and a multitude of other facets that make us who we are, individual and unique, is key to the success of coaching and achieving your goals.    


“Jemma provided a safe and stimulating environment to explore and clarify my key priorities. She was well prepared, confident and careful with her targeted questions; but also, flexible and naturally good at listening. She skillfully guided me through a visualisation technique, which I still practice today. Jemma exudes lightness and a positive ‘you can do it’ attitude.She cares. Thank you Jemma, for the uplifting and useful coaching experience.”

VG, 2019