Life’s an interesting journey isn’t it, full of expectation, hopes, dreams and opportunities.

The choices we make through life may take us down one path when we could just as easily have gone down another.  The film Sliding Doors comes to mind.   Who we are, the places we live, family, friends, education, our plans and skills, how we communicate and how motivated we are along with many other characteristics all play a part in how we navigate our way along our unique life path.

At 54 I realise I am probably, dare I say it, someway quite far along that path!   The joy of being this age is that there’s enough of life that has happened to look back, laugh, reflect and have learnt from and enough ahead to still be looking forward to new, big and exciting plans.  My health has been pretty good so far, which I’m very grateful for.  My family and friends are lots of fun and incredibly supportive and my work as a physio has been great.  I love spending time with people and helping them and physio gives me exactly that.  I’ve also travelled lots and had the opportunity to do and see many exciting and wonderful things.  I know I’m blessed in amazing ways.

Like many people at my age I’ve also experienced loss, challenges, difficulties, big questions and decisions I’ve had to make, some with better outcomes than others.  As they say it’s ‘life’s rich pattern’ and these challenges, together with my Christian faith, have brought me to where I am today.

Life before coaching and lockdown!

Just recently I was reflecting back over the last 18 months, I’m amazed at the journey I’ve been on over that time.   18 months ago I was single, running my own business, looking after my mum on a fairly regular basis and helping out with my sister’s children every now and again.  I have always enjoyed seeing friends, so lots of weekends were planned for this.  I had set a challenge with a friend to walk Hadrian’s Wall and booked a holiday to walk the Amalfi Coast in May.  Life was looking good and I felt fit and happy.  I was also thinking about doing some volunteering with teens and went about looking into that.

In April my friend and I headed off to Carlisle and walked the Wall!  It proved quite a challenge.  Aches and pains I hadn’t anticipated were managed with ibruprofen, massage and hot showers.  My lovely friend who is also a physio, helped me limp passed the finishing post in Newcastle’s Wallsend and we celebrated our success that evening.   Back at home I then explored more of the teen volunteering and one thing led to another resulting in me deciding to do a Life Coaching course.  I booked on and shortly after my return from Italy’s beautiful and much less challenging Amalfi Coast, I started the course, excited but not entirely sure what to expect.


I loved it.   Based in Derbyshire, the course I went on was friendly and welcoming, I learnt lots and enjoyed the laughter and support of the leader and other participants.  As part of the training we were offered coaching sessions for ourselves and my coach helped me with my dating profile.  I felt that having spent many years on and off the dating websites some external input would be very welcome.  Within less than a month of adjusting my profile I had met a lovely man!

Inspired by the course teaching and my own coaching experience I was excited to put into practice all I’d learnt.  I enjoyed working with my volunteer coachees who had a wide range of goals from finding a relationship, developing and improving friendships to working out where to work and live and what career to do next.  Once qualified and with the encouraging feedback from all angles including my coachees I was excited to take my next step into building this business.


Returning from a holiday in South Africa we found the UK going into lockdown.  Work stopped and I took on the twice daily care for my mother to save the district nurses going to see her.  My sister’s boys were at home full time from school and she was working from home.  I asked my sister if I could look after her dog and so it was that one precious terrier came to live with me!  As time went by I cleaned my house from top to bottom, mended and restored things.  The sitting room became filled with things for the charity shops, paperwork was brought up to date or shredded and my tax return completed!

I took to painting to fill my time.  I had all the equipment having been on a art course 2 years earlier but not had any time to do it since.  I thoroughly enjoyed picking up a brush and seeing what happened.  Experimenting with colour and being free to create whatever I wanted, it was a happy time and several pictures were being done a week – my paper was running out!!

Puzzles with my mother, 0-5k running challenge, cycling more and doing some yoga filled my time.  My small garden looked beautiful despite the pots for perennials being empty.

The only problem with this time was not seeing my other half who had returned to his home when we came back from holiday.  We stayed apart until some restrictions eased, bubbles were created and he moved in!

Life after lockdown

So now as I sit here typing this, it’s the end of September 2020, my physio work has built back up again, my coaching website is up and running and my man is here with his two dogs and his house has been rented out.

With 2 adults and 3 dogs now in residence here we’re making plans for the future, where to live and what to do next.  It’s exciting 🙂

So now, what about you. Would you like some help bringing your dreams into reality?

My experience of coaching both as a receiver of it and as a coach is that it literally can change the course of life!  It doesn’t have to be a massive change, as it’s so often the small changes that can really be most effective and fulfilling.  Small changes to how we think or what we say or do can have a big impact on others and their response to us.  As you probably already know a smile goes a long way.  Most people will smile back if you smile at them.

So what about you?  Do you have a dream or goal you’d like some help with?  Do you find that you go round in circles when it comes to some things in life, perhaps getting fit or looking for a job?  Whatever it is life coaching can certainly be of help and I’d love the opportunity to help you 🙂