2020 – A Very Different Year!

I’m sure you’ll agree that 2020 has been the most extraordinary year.  For each of us the journey will have been different. 

‘So how’s lockdown been for you?’ 

First Full Lockdown – How was it for you?

Thinking about the first lockdown March – June.  When someone you haven’t seen for a while asks how you found it, what do you say?  Do you remember the reduction in pollution, the support for the NHS and the nation coming together?  Did you learn a new skill, take up a new activity or sport, spend more time with your family or take a long over due opportunity to relax and catch up on sleep?  Or for you was lockdown incredibly boring, maybe you felt trapped, tested, low, perhaps heartache or loneliness played a large part or may hard work, home schooling, illness or loss?

For each of us, lockdown has had an impact.  We had the rules and restrictions and we knew what they were.  Our different ages, health, stage of life, situations either living with others or alone, together with our personalities, characters, likes and dislikes all played a part on how we navigated our way through those months and how we reflect back on them.

Lockdown Mark II

Now it’s November and we’re back in lockdown again.  So what does this mean for you? If it’s not something you enjoyed the first time round, how can you make sure that these next few weeks and possibly longer, look different?

A different perspective change change everything

During the first lockdown I signed up for an NLP training course which I am now half way through.  One of the many helpful tools I’ve learnt about is ‘reframing’.  Reframing is a technique that gives us a chance to look at something from a different, more positive view point thereby changing our perspective and therefore our response if the situation arises again.

I’ll give you an example.  Maybe during lockdown you felt very lonely.  You may have been sad at not being able to see family, hug a grandchild or even go out for a coffee somewhere to see others. It was tough.  However looking at other aspects of it did a volunteer come to drop medication off for you?  How did you feel with this act of kindness?  Did you learn how to do an online shop or use FaceTime with family and friends?  Was it rewarding when your order arrived or you saw your friend’s face?  Did you stand out with your neighbours on a Thursday night and clap for our NHS and feel a part of your community coming together? Did you spend more hours working in your garden, to see, smell and enjoy the benefits over the summer?  Perhaps by having the time to talk to a friend or two more frequently you were able to support them through the months and they benefitted from your support?

Moving on in a new way

Appreciating that for many lockdown really was a lonely time and being restricted from doing what we want is not much fun.  Practising reframing in the weeks and months ahead could be just the ticket we all need to help us through.  Why not think of lockdown and the restrictions as an opportunity: to have time to communicate more with others virtually or on the phone, to be creative with your time, perhaps with ways of blessing others, maybe a card through the post or an email.  Why not spend some time doing the things you enjoy that build you up – reading a book or heading out for some exercise…, perhaps tidy the garden or start preparing for Christmas….

We all have the opportunity to see and do things in a different way, its just being aware of this that can start us along the journey of changing our perspective.

“Me” + Coaching = positive change

I hope that this has been helpful. If you’re interested in learning some more positive handy skills to navigate your way through life please do call.  Coaching has certainly changed my life and taught me to see things differently which makes a big difference to others too.