Is Life Coaching Right for Me?

How do I know if life coaching is right for me?

Are you ready for change?

We all have times in our lives when we get to a point we know we need and want to change something.  If you’re at that point – excellent!

If you know what it is you want to change and you know how to change it – superb – go for it :-).  If you’re at that point but you’re not sure how to move forwards, coaching can be just the ticket to help focus the mind and bring dreams into reality.

Just think, how do you want life to be different?  Could it be time for some changes to your work/life balance? Lockdown has taught us all a lot about what we need, like and miss in our lives.  Is there anything that you’ve decided you’d like to do differently but aren’t sure where to start with it?  Perhaps a business idea, maybe finding a new relationship? Perhaps its a fitness or health orientated goal.  Whatever it is, if you’re not sure how to move forwards coaching can help.

Interestingly and probably not unsurprisingly, the things I’ve mentioned here are things I have experienced for myself.   If you want to know about my experience with business or life/work balance etc please do read the bit about me.

Having said that, over recent months I’ve become increasingly drawn to the stories of people struggling with the effects of Long Covid and the chronic fatigue that is holding them back from returning to their pre-covid life.  Touched by these stories I’ve been busy finding out how I can help.

Struggling with Fatigue/Long Covid?

If this is you or someone you know, please do ask them if they would like some help.  As the numbers of people contracting Covid 19 have increased, so too have the number of people in need of some help with Long Covid.  Over the last few months a physio colleague and I have been looking into how we can help.

Although Long Covid is relatively new, chronic fatigue is the most common symptom people struggle with and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is well documented.

We are keen to help people get through this and have added some links that we hope you’ll find helpful.  Please see my physio website.  The reason I’ve added this into this site is that I’ve found, with the people I’ve worked with so far, that the coaching tools have been incredibly useful in helping people get back to being themselves so if in addition to the clinical input you would like some one to one coaching through this, please do get in touch.


Whatever the goal life coaching can help to bring the goal into a reality.

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Is it for me

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“I went to see Jemma with no real expectation, or even any understanding of what a coach was. Jemma explained her role in the process clearly and I enjoyed my sessions with her. Jemma made me think about my relationships and also what I want to achieve with my work/life balance. We did the life wheel which I found very interesting. It got me thinking about the different aspects of my life that are important to me. I set myself some goals, some of which I have achieved, while others are still on my to do list. Jemma was extremely professional throughout out sessions.”

DL, 2020