Choosing the right coach is very important!

About the Coach

When deciding to have some life coaching it’s important to make sure you chose the right coach for you! To help you decide if I’m the right coach I’ve shared a bit about me.

“I’m Jemma Mack.   Before discovering what my dream career was going to be I worked overseas, travelled extensively and enjoyed a number of years happily working in London.

Then in 1989, whilst trying to race a friend downhill on a ski slope, I unfortunately broke my leg!  Needless to say he won!  Little did I know that this was to be the start of my journey to becoming a physio.   After 8 weeks in plaster and a further 4 on crutches I was struggling to walk.  Then two physio treatments and I was walking normally again.  Delighted and impressed with the results I decided this was what I wanted to do.     Aged 27 I applied to Southampton Uni and 3 years later I graduated!

My first physio roles were in the NHS in Bournemouth before the bright lights of London and private practice drew me up there.  Six years later I was ready to start my own business.

In 2006 I opened The Physio Place in Bristol.  Delighted and excited this vision grew and I soon had several clinics. Life was busy!

Then life took a different path, as it often does.  My mother became unwell and I moved to be nearer to her.  In 2012 I opened a physio clinic in Salisbury.

The Bristol side of the business continued until 2019 when the last member of my fabulous team got married. I then decided that my life/work balance needed some adjustment leading me to close the Bristol side of things.

Since then I’ve had more time to do the things I enjoy as well as having a go at new things like learning to paint and take on a dog 🙂

In 2019 I was looking at doing some mentoring for teens and conversations lead onto life coaching.  I decided to train as a life coach as I knew that having these additional skills would be key to being able to help others achieve their dreams as I have.   The training turned out to be an amazing journey of self discovery, much more than I’d anticipated.   I’m now thoroughly enjoying using those skills to help other people discover and embark on the journey towards their dreams.


Jemma Mack Life Coach

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“Jemma….You have been a tremendous encouragement to me, thank you! They say a job begun is a job half done’… so I am on the way. I think you are going to go far with your Life Coaching you clearly have what it takes! What a gift. Thank you.”
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